Instantly blast out the movie SICK AND SICKER across America through our IndieGoGo campaign.
For each $3,000 raised the movie is immediately rolled out in another state and residents can start watching it instantly.

Red states on this ROLL OUT MAP are sponsored and have been given an SOS License because of our IndieGoGo campaign. Updated hourly. Sponsor a state or the whole nation.


If you live in a state listed below you can:
1) Embed the movie SICK AND SICKER on your website or blog: click “Movie Link” below, then “Share”, then “Embed”.
2) E-mail out the movie link (or embedded video) to state residents (use same procedure as above).
3) Request a HD screener file and screen SICK AND SICKER on a big screen in your state. Here’s how. (Files sent out every 4 hours starting 10am PST). 
You can do these 3 things from NOW until November 5, 2014 according to the SOS License for your state (below).
This is completely FREE for residents of states listed below. The only request is that you include our IndieGoGo link “″ next to the movie to help it catch fire in other states.


Logan produced SICK AND SICKER a movie showing the terminal destination of ObamaCare.
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The IRS audits Logan. He’s not alone. Breitbart News, Dinesh D’Souza, Ben Carson and the Associated Press have all received “Obama Treatment.”
+ Obama jokes about using the IRS on his enemies
Press Release 10/7/2014
Fight media intimidation and socialized medicine. Watch Logan’s call to action. NOTE: in the video Logan states that our ObamaCare pyrotechnics statue will be created after 5 states but we’ve lowered it to $9,000. Contribute to our IndieGoGo campaign to blast out Logan’s movie.
You can blast ObamaCare by sponsoring an entire state thus allowing everyone in that state to screen the movie in public.